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North Korea: We Can Turn US Troops into Ashes Obama, Erdogan to Meet Sunday in China on G20 Sidelines: WHouse Syria on Turkish Incursion: Terrorism Substitutes Terrorism Three Wounded in Suicide Blast at Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan Haaretz: "No Body Was Hurt" Means "No Jew Was Hurt" Pentagon Says Clashes between Turkey, US-Led Kurds in Syria Unacceptable Ansarullah Delegation Visits Iraq, Iran US Drone Enters Iran Airspace, Leaves after Warning Turkey Reiterates Threat to Target Syria Kurdish Militia If No Euphrates Retreat Suicide Attack Kills 18 in Iraq Oasis Town: officials Yemen: Suicide Bombing Kills 60 at Army Camp in Aden Anti-Burkini Law Would Be íUnconstitutionalí: French Minister Imam Khamanei: Iran to Respond to Enemy Aggression with Overwhelming Blow Syrian Army Secures Daraya after Terrorists Evacuation Saudi Fueled Global Extremism, Contributed to Terrorism: Report
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