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Iran, Turkey Review Regional Developments Putin, Merkel, Hollande to Discuss Ukraine at September 4-5 G20: Kremlin Lebanon: FPM Says to Boycott Cabinet as Warning Agreement to Halt Fighting in Syria’s Hasaka Enforced Shamkhani: Iran Asked Russian Strikes ’Next to Land Op. in Aleppo’ US Soldier Killed in anti-Taliban Battle in Afghanistan Three Held in France in August for Planning Attacks: Minister Top Diplomats from Japan, China, S. Korea Start Meeting Syrian Army Clashes with Terrorists in Aleppo, Destroys Their Posts in Homs Iraq Forces Launch Push to Retake Town South of Mosul Saudi-led Coalition Intensifies Yemen Strikes, Army Responds Arms Sales to Saudi ’Illicit’ due to Yemen Deaths: Control Arms Coalition Boko Haram’s Shekau ’Wounded’ in Air strike: Nigeria US to Target Russian, Syrian Jets in Syria if Troops Attacked: Pentagon Hezbollah on Israeli Gaza Strikes: Resistance The Only Choice
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Saudi escalation of aggression after suspension of peace talks indicates a Saudi impasse
What did Arab summits bring to the Arab World?
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