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Turkey Says Kurdish Peshmerga Fighters Yet to Cross to Syria Lavrov Says All Syriaís Neighbors Must Take Part in Crisis Settlement Abadi in Iran: Leader Asserts Iraq Can Defeat Terrorism, President Blames West Baghdad Restaurant Bombs Claim 21 Martyrs Iran Thwarts 24 Terrorist Plots Since March: Official Syrian Army Hunts More Terrorists across Provinces, Gatherings Destroyed Taliban Blast in Kabul Kills Four Afghan Soldiers Turkey Says it Will Aid Kurdish Forces in Fight for Kobani ISIL Militants Hospitalized in Turkey: Report Zionist Forces Demolish Three Palestinian Homes, Leaving 23 Homeless Georgia to Host NATO Training Center Saudi Arabia Opens Sirens As Yemenís Ansarullah Approaches Border Line Sayyed Nasrallah Navigates Bekaa on Foot: Golden Opportunity to Break ISIL Iranís Head of ĎAssembly of Expertsí Passes Away US Approves Sale of $600 Million in Tank Ammunition to Iraq
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Do you expect an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program before the November 24 deadline?
Turkeyís stance towards ISIL attack on Kobani reflects:
Strong links with the terrorist organization
Desire to make the city a gateway for intervention in Syria and the region
Will in weakening the Kurds
All of the above
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Al-Manar TV, Website Gain First Ranks in Ghadir Intíl Media Festival
Lebanese Army Arrests Ahmad Houjeiri, Other Terrorists in Different Areas
Lebanon Defense Minister Heads to Tehran, Military Aid on Table
Cache of Weapons Seized in Khartoum, Southern Lebanon
Sheikh Qassem: Hezbollah Solid at Lebanonís Eastern, Southern Borders
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