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Libya’s Presidential Council to Present New Cabinet Russia Calls on Turkey to Coordinate anti-Terrorism Operations with Syria Iraq Forces Advance in Town South of Mosul Zionist Army Kills Palestinian near Nablus for Alleged Stabbing Attack Oil Prices Drop As Market Tracks US Supplies Erdogan: "Euphrates Shield" to Target Terrorist Groups Like ISIL, PYD Syrian Army Steps up Operations against Terrorists in Aleppo, Other Provinces Kerry to Meet Lavrov in Geneva on Friday: Ukraine, Syria on Agenda Damascus Condemns Turkish Intervention in Syria Kerry Heads to Saudi for Talks on Yemen France Behind Ghouta Gas Attack: Syria At Least 120 Killed in Italy Quake Turkish Special Forces, Allied Terrorists Control Jarablus North Korea Test-Fires Sub-Launched Missile Close to Japan Iran, Turkey Review Regional Developments
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