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Middle East
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ISIL Terrorists Killing Christians, Beheading Children in Iraq

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) terrorist group has continued its effort to destroy the Christian faith in Iraq, as reports come out revealing the extensive killing of Christians, including crucifixions and the beheadings of children.

mass killing"They are systemically beheading children, and mothers, and fathers. The world hasn't seen an evil like this for a generation. There's actually a park in Mosul that they've actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick," Mark Arabo, national spokesman for Iraqi Christians told CNN.

According to a report by Arab News, ISIL militants have moved on from beheading to burying women and children alive in mass graves.

In July, the ISIL captured Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, as they looted Christian homes, desecrated cemeteries, destroyed tombs of biblical prophets, ruined churches, and pulled down crosses.

Christians were told that they could escape this harassment and death by paying a fine. However, Arabo says the ISIL broke this so-called promise.

"The letter that they sent out with those three items (convert, pay a fine or die), they did ask to pay a fine but actually after they pay a fine, they (ISIL militants) are actually taking over their wives and their daughters and making them into their wives. So really it's convert or die, face death by the sword," explained Arabo.

"They've marked the red stamp of death on Christian homes and basically saying we know who you are and if you come back, you will get killed. That's why we're saying this is a Christian holocaust within our midst and the world community cannot turn a blind eye," said Arabo. "They are absolutely killing every Christian they see. This is a genocide in every sense of the word. They want everyone to convert and they want Sharia law to be the law of the land."

The U.K.'s Telegraph newspaper reported that over 200,000 Iraqis have fled from Nineveh, Iraq's largest Christian city, to the north as the ISIL campaign of murder and mayhem continues.

Chaldean Patriarch Louis Sako told AFP News that Iraqi Christians “have fled with nothing but their clothes, some of them on foot, to reach the Kurdistan region.” He added that it was a “humanitarian disaster. The churches are occupied, their crosses were taken down,” with ISIL terrorists burning as many as 1,500 ancient Christian manuscripts.

Iraqi Christians have protested demanding that the United Nations, who they have criticized for their lack of help, to intervene and protect them from persecution by the ISIL.

“We were holding banners in Arabic, English, Chaldean and French against the violence that happened in Mosul and (questioning) why the world was in silence against our problems,” Sahar Mansur, a Chaldean  Catholic told Catholic News Service. She added that the people in Iraq are not only angry about being driven away from their homes, but also about the international silence at the injustices they are suffering.

Arab League Chief Nabil Al-Arabi condemned on Monday "crimes against humanity" committed by the terrorists in Iraq, who are also targeting the minority Yazidi sect, and demanded the executors to be brought to justice.

Arabi "strongly denounced the crimes, killings, dispossession carried out by the terrorist (IS) against civilians and minorities in Iraq that have affected Christians in Mosul and Yazidis," he said in statement.

"The perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to international justice," the statement said.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis has expressed his own disbelief at the violence suffered by religious minorities in Iraq, as he called on the international community to address the ongoing violence and "stop these crimes."

Referring to ISIL's actions, Pope Francis said, "All this gravely offends God and humanity. Hatred is not to be carried in the name of God.  War is not to be waged in the name of God."

Source: AFP

11-08-2014 - 15:55 Last updated 11-08-2014 - 15:55 | 56114 View
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User Comments Number of comments: 20
MUSTAFA | Tanzania 16:41 2014-08-11
2 - Body of lies
Ansar | Jordan 06:44 2014-08-12
Dont spread lies as u r getting defeated
3 - Mrs. Ahern
Kate | USA 12:45 2014-08-12
This is genocide against, not only the christian faith, but any faith except the radical Muslim
terrorists. As a US citizen, my President Obama, who has professed his strong Muslim faith on many
occasions, will only severely undercut himself among the christian communities in the US and around the
world, if he does not act quickly and decisively, using all resources at hand to stop this. If the
American people, and people of other countries, wake up and find their own leaders did very little or
nothing to stop this, there will be hell to pay with the voters, not to mention God himself!! I pray this
will end quickly!
4 - His Anger will blaze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Todd Monka | USA 22:37 2014-08-12
Jehovah warned the Israelites that if they victimized defenseless women and children, he would
unfailingly hear the outcry of such ones. He stated: ďMy anger will indeed blaze.Ē (Exodus 22:22-24)
While anger is not one of Jehovahís dominant qualities, he is provoked to righteous indignation by
deliberate acts of injustice, especially when the victims are the lowly and the helpless.óPsalm 103:6.
5 - Killing Christians
Kakais | Australia 11:06 2014-08-13
Let\\ís stop this.
6 - There is no God there is no Allah!!!!
barry waterfield | United Kingdom 12:43 2014-08-13
The United Nations will talk, but they wont do anything, America and armed strikes are the only answer
and I\\ím afraid that in order to wipe out an ants nest such as this many innocent people are going to
die along with the bad.I suppose you could pray but can you really believe in a God or Allah after this,
I can\\ít. Periodically mankind goes through these manic sesions ( interestingly the animals don\\ít )
it\\ís a fault in our spieces as is religion.
7 - christian killing in iraq
Lenmalsawm neihsial | India 23:42 2014-08-13
Yeah! i do excepted in one way for killing those christian in Iraq for unreasonable....but why did they
killed those inocent babies what they did mistake 4 them??? this is bullshit!!! and where are those
bullshit local media??? is this the right way to do their job..??? this is my prayer God will really
take revent i am eagerly waiting God to destroy them like Tsunami which come from unknown place...LORD
neva eva 4give those those bullshit ISISI
8 - pray for peace on Earth
christine martinez | Canada 05:27 2014-08-16
Can\\ít believe how evil this world is getting. Not sure if you know only way to true peace is a 5 minute
prayer done by Pope Francis and bishops of the world. Mary our heavenly mother is getting impatient.
Needs to be done. Consecrate Russia to her heart. That\\ís it. There\\ís a battle going on now between
heaven and hell. We are in the middle. Pray, pray as hard as you can for this ..
9 - Forgive the ISIL - Love them Pray for their Repentance
Edwin | Singapore 07:27 2014-08-19
Luke 23:40-4340 But the other criminal rebuked him. ‚ÄúDon‚Äôt you fear God,‚ÄĚ he said, ‚Äúsince you are
under the same sentence? 41 We are punished justly, for we are getting what our deeds deserve. But this
man has done nothing wrong.‚ÄĚ42 Then he said, ‚ÄúJesus, remember me when you come into your
kingdom.[a]‚ÄĚ43 Jesus answered him, ‚ÄúTruly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.‚ÄĚWe
christians also want muslims and the muslim terrorists to go to heaven. We pray to God to grant the
grace of conversion for the Islamic terrorists in the Name of Jesus. Amen
10 - Please stop this!
Rachal Sunny | Pakistan 11:50 2014-08-19
God is love. Nd please stop doing this,stop killing innocent people ! For Gods sake!
11 - Who is willing to fight and protect the innocent? !
karina | Australia 15:37 2014-08-25
Why doesn\\ít anyone go In and stop this bullshit! How many people need to be slaughtered before anyone
steps in to protect the innocent! I have no confidence in the UN. They have no power at all. Who is going
to be brave and smart enough to shut these greedy psychopathic killers down??? Vengeance is mine says the
Lord. Well Lord I pray you take Vengeance now and stop this horrific killing as Obama shows no
compassionand while he sits in his comfy chair in his comfy house watching his buddies kill the
Christians. It\\ís not soap opera Òbama!
12 - sad
Hunter K. DeMonia | Canada 05:51 2014-09-01
i really hope that this stops a lot has been going on all ready
13 - Why, what did they do?
Little Indian | USA 19:33 2014-09-16
They need to be stoped. they need to be caught.
14 - Pray For christians
mary marlyn | India 21:50 2014-09-24
For all the christians who staying Iraq God is with u guys No matter da situation is bad God wont leave
u keep faith in God we all do remember in our prayers Never break da rules of bible keep on praying To
God Almighty God will send angels 2 protect u Guys n our prayers is with u Guys may The words of God
always with u Guys
15 - evangelist
jesus son | Nigeria 23:39 2014-09-27
God will judge and destroy them, every muslim that takes up arms against cihristians in the world but we
also should take up arms and defend ourself
16 - wher are NATO countries
adam | Canada 09:04 2014-11-21
In 2014 genocide shouldn\\ít take place without the intervention of NATO countries. It is really making
my heart cry in sorrow, anger, and a sense of helplessness that I can\\ít help these people, especially
the children. But NATO have the power but they do nothing, they are just as guilty especially the US. Is
this part of there plan? Obama is Muslim and a socialist, who wants to insert chips in people\\ís right
hand for health care by 2017. Is he the antichrist? I don\\ít know but there is a lot of predictions in
the Bible that would suggest he is and maybe this is part of his plan to start a one religion in a one
world order to achieve peace.
17 - mrs
miriam | Kenya 05:32 2014-12-12
for them that loose their lives because of christ will definately find it,be encouraged christians of
18 - praying for oppressed saints and our supporters
darran | Australia 22:41 2014-12-20
the world is only goin to get worse, may God of heaven help is all... my prayers are with all the
oppressed especially against believers in
19 - Stop terror attacks we are all chidren of one Father
Sr.Sarika | India 17:03 2015-01-17
why all this attacts,why people have to suffer so much.
20 - Really
Ringo | Australia 02:04 2015-03-21
Is the world serious. Where is Turky it\\ís their region why aren\\ít they helping Christians and the
minorities I believe any one who is brave enough to join isil to slautering inocent women children and
men,who don\\ít wish to change to their point of view, these people should be allowed freely out of their
country to join them, then we could let this pimple get so big that we could just end the world and find
heaven ?


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